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The elementary student faith retreat allowed us to strengthen our bond with one another and deepen our relationship with God. The importance of the camping theme taught the students many things. Like a tent, our faith provides us shelter and protection in times of hardship. A campfire brings warmth and light, just like our faith is a source of inspiration and guidance. It lights up our path, eliminating darkness and leading us toward a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Throughout the many activities, the students were reminded of many skills of creativity, communication, teamwork and fellowship that help to bring us together in our faith. Together, as they engaged in prayer, crafts, worship, and reflection, we hope their hearts were open to the transformative power of faith.

We hope the students carry the lessons they have learned, the friendships formed, and the experiences they had as cherished treasures in their hearts. May they remember the power of stewardship, perseverance, creativity, fellowship, teamwork, and effective communication as they navigate their faith journey.

Thanks to the CWL for assisting with the Rosary beading craft they provided for the students. Also, thank you to Mrs. Tymchuk and Mrs. Moylan for all their hard work and planning to provide such an amazing, fun, faith-filled day that staff and students enjoyed so much! We are truly "walking together in Catholic Education" daily with many amazing people!

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