About Us

A warm welcome to Legal School!

Legal School is a community school that has a long history of serving families in the Town of Legal, and surrounding farms and acreages. The school community includes passionate staff members, engaged students, caring families and supportive community groups. Legal School is a Christ-Centred Learning Community committed to providing students with quality education and experiential learning. Each student is a precious gift from God. At Legal School, we recognize the talents, strengths and uniqueness of individuals and we engage our students to use these for the good of all. We offer a caring and supportive environment that promotes student growth and achievement.

We hope you find this website a useful communication tool. It is one of the many ways you can keep informed about our School Community. Know that we are here to work with you and welcome your feedback and input on the decisions made on behalf of your children. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you ever need information or have any questions or concerns, our doors are always open.

Your partners in Education,

Mrs. Lisa Kleparchuk, Principal                   

Mrs. Sheri Crowston, Vice Principal