Positive Behaviour Support

Legal Titan Positive Behaviour Support Model

Legal School is committed to creating a safe and caring school environment for all children. We believe that it is the school’s role to teach the values and social skills that will create an inclusive and accepting community and allow our students to be successful within the greater community and later on in life. Safe and caring behaviours are taught, modelled and reinforced for all children. Legal School uses a model of Positive Behaviour Supports (as outlined by Alberta Learning) to encourage student behaviour at school.  Our model is called, SPRR which stands for:





When staff observe students modelling SPRR behaviour, the student is given a SPRR ticket which they bring to the office and are entered into a weekly draw for prizes.  Their SPRR ticket is also posted on a hallway bulletin board.  We hold SPRR Awards assemblies three times per year where we honour SPRR students with awards and games in the gym.  We encourage and educate all students at Legal School to be SPRR students!