Religious Education

GSACRD Religious Studies

We welcome students from all religious backgrounds who wish to participate in a Catholic school environment. In St. Albert, religious education is compulsory in grades K-12.  In Morinville and Legal, religious education is optional at all grade levels.

All GSACRD schools are committed to creating a Christ-centered learning environment. The uniqueness of our Catholic tradition is integrated into the curriculum and animated by the staff and students of our school communities.

Our school district continues to provide a heritage of excellence rooted in gospel teachings. In an environment that recognizes and respects the dignity of each individual, as a child of God, students are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.  

Our greatest assets are our dedicated staff who provide a model and witness of gospel values for our children.

Curriculum instruction is reinforced in our schools through faith nurturing opportunities including, classroom prayers, school faith celebrations, student and staff faith days (retreats), service and social justice opportunities and parish partnerships.

Contact Information

Colin Loiselle, Religious Education Consultant